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The following products are the ones that are in stock. You can pre-order all the other products found in Mikrotik's website through us.
The following list prices for Mikrotik products include %16 VAT.

Major Products In Stock

RB750 123456


5x Ethernet, Small plastic case, 400MHz CPU, 32MB RAM,
Most affordable MPLS router, RouterOS L4

RB2011il-IN 123456


Desktop metal case, 5xEthernet, 5xGigabit Ethernet, PoE out on port 10,
600MHz CPU, 64MB RAM, RouterOS L4

CCR1016-12G 123456


1U rackmount, 12x Gigabit Ethernet, LCD 16 cores x 1.2GHz CPU,
2GB RAM, 17.8mpps fastpath, Up to 12Gbit/s throughput, RouterOS L6

CCR1036-12G-4S 123456


1U rackmount, 12x Gigabit Ethernet, 4xSFP cages, LCD 36 cores x 1.2GHz CPU,
4GB RAM, 24 mpps fastpath, Up to 16Gbit/s throughput, RouterOS L6,

RB260GS 123456


5x Gigabit Ethernet Smart Switch, SFP cage, plastic case, SwOS

RB951Uİ-2HnD 123456


5x 2.4GHz 1000mW AP with five Ethernet ports and PoE output on port 5. It has a 600MHz CPU,
128MB RAM and a USB port.

RB922UAGS-5HPacD 123456789


Dual chain 5GHz integrated 802.11ac AP/Backbone/CPE with an additional miniPCI-e slot,
2xRPSMA connectors, Gigabit Ethernet, waterproof metal enclosure

OmniTIKU-5HnD 123456789


7.5dBi Integrated AP, 5Ghz Dual chain, 5xEthernet ports

OmniTIKUPA-5HnD 123456789


7.5dBi Integrated AP, 5Ghz Dual chain, 5xEthernet ports with PoE output

SXT Lite5 123456

SXT Lite5

16dBi integrated CPE/Backbone, 5Ghz dual chain, 600MHz CPU

S-RJ01 123456


RJ45 SFP 10/100/1000M copper module

S-31DLC20D 123456


SFP (1.25G) module, 20KM, Single Mode